Saturday, 12 May 2007

May Day Festival Apathy Workshop

Apathy Workshop with Bob &Roberta Smith,et al.

May Day Festival Art Protest

The day started with torrential rain and the thought that came to mind was "washout" and it was icy cold.
However, the gods smiled on us and the weather improved and there was warm sunshine ,only briefly,albeit with a gale force wind that would have knocked one over. Nothing daunting we carried on with our task in spread as much "apathy" as possible to the unsuspecting masses...regardless of the fact that we got some really weird looks!!
We pranced around banging on drums...ranting and raving like a pack of " nutters" and managed to create a semblance of apathy and near anarchy!! We shouted and heckled at anyone who appeared to be enjoying their day...or taking the May Day Festival too serious. We sang totally out of tune accompanied by our similar out of tune instruments and had a hell of a our hell of a noise. We were eyeballed by the local constabulary...rather suspiciously and we were photographed by goodness knows whom?...and one wonders where these photos may turn up? (Julia and Gwen never trust your friends with a end up on bloggs...sorry.) Surprising what nonsense one can get up to if one is game for a was a laugh and it was a game...and made me think of the performing, not performing clowns...performing artists...yes! that's the word...performing artists.

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